Our Story

Who we are
Benefits Data Trust believes all vulnerable individuals and families across the country should be able to secure the benefits that enable them to achieve stability.
By 2025, accessing benefits will be simple, comprehensive and cost effective.

Warren Kantor

Our beginnings.
Thirty years ago, Warren Kantor sat down with his widowed mother and a lengthy application for the Pennsylvania Rent Rebate program.

Our Timeline

Benefits Data Trust has a history of utilizing private sector strategies to create solutions to public sector issues; a look at a brief timeline that demonstrates how we've evolved since our inception in 2005.

Our Logo

Our logo reflects who we are and the values of our organization - its story.

  • March 2005 BDT is created
  • March 2005 Warren Kantor begins to work with National Council on Aging (NCOA) to develop national outreach and application strategy
  • August 2005 BDT Model recognized as a best practice in Low Income Subsidy (LIS) outreach and enrollment efforts by Bridgespan Independent Study
  • October 2005 BDT receives large scale grant with Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance to apply eligible plan members for LIS
  • November 2005 BDT receives grant from Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PhRMA) to apply interested seniors for LIS
  • BDT creates strategic partnership with PA Dept of Aging to establish PACE Application Center to help 20 - 30,000 seniors apply for PACE prescription assistance, annually
  • April 2006 NCOA and BDT awarded grant from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to conduct research projects across the county - gained ability to "de-dup" BDT lists with individuals already enrolled in the program
  • May 2006 NCOA and BDT attend meeting at White House to discuss LIS outreach strategies
  • May 2006 BDT reaches 100,000 benefit applications
  • June 2006 BDT recognized by Senate Ways and Means Committee as a successful Public Private Partnership model
  • June 2006 BDT and PACE expand partnership to include LIS application assistance for PACE members
  • August 2008 BDT partners with Dept of Aging, Welfare and Phila Mayor's office to create BenePhilly Initiative
  • October 2008 BDT begins to work with SNAP in Pennsylvania
  • March 2009 BDT is designated as 1 of 10 Benefits Enrollment Centers in the country through National Benefits Center
  • April 2009 BDT partners with EPIC and Medicare Rights Center in NY to help seniors access Medicare Savings Program
  • July 2009 BDT reaches 150,000 benefit applications
  • April 2010 BDT awarded BenePhilly SNAP demonstration grant from USDA in partnership with PA DPW to test a streamlined SNAP application process for seniors 60+
  • April 2010 BDT begins to work with AAA network in PA, APPRISE to help seniors apply for LIS
  • June 2010 BDT reaches 200,000 benefit applications
  • July 2010 BDT partners with PA Dept of Labor and PA DPW to help unemployed people access SNAP
  • December 2010 BDT awarded SNAP/MIPPA demonstration grant from USDA in partnership with DPW to test a deemed eligibility model using LIS application data to start a SNAP application
  • January 2011 BDT receives award from William Penn Foundation to explore multi-benefits support for under 60 population in South Eastern PA
  • March 2011 BDT awarded United Way Lehigh Valley grant to provide multiple benefits support for seniors
  • May 2011 BDT reaches 250,000 benefit applications
  • July 2011 United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania awards BDT's BenePhilly Enrollment Center a two year grant as part of their "Investing In Results" Community Impact Campaign
  • March 2012 BDT Receives $15,000 grant from The Connelly Foundation to reach low-income seniors
  • April 2012 Ginger Zielinskie, BDT's Executive Director, is asked to testify by the U.S. House of Representatives on using data and technology to better target benefits outreach
  • July 2012 Executive Director Ginger Zielinskie presents before the US Conference of Mayors on BDT's achievements
  • July 2012 BDT reaches 300,000 benefit applications
  • August 2012 BDT partners with the Maryland Department of Human Resources and the AARP Foundation to create the MD Benefits Center to identify and apply eligible, older Marylanders for the Food Supplement Program (FSP) in select counties throughout the state
  • November 2012 BDT receives $10,000 grant from Boeing to support outreach to exhaustees of unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania
  • December 2012 With support from Drexel University's School of Public Health and Center for Hunger-Free Communities, the BenePhilly Final Report is released to present findings that: targeted outreach for benefits is effective, Express Lane Eligibility processes reduce the amount of paperwork applicants must submit, and streamlined application assistance achieves high approval rates
  • January 2013 BDT partners with the AARP Foundation and Within Reach to create the Washington Benefits Center to identify and apply eligible, older Washington residents for the Basic Food Program (BFP) in King County
  • February 2013 BDT partners with Share our Strength to expand FSP outreach to eligible Marylanders with minor dependents
  • March 2013 MD Benefits Center submits more than 2000 FSP applications in just 8 months of operation with an over 70% enrollment rate
  • April 2013 Executive Director Ginger Zielinskie recognized among Philadelphia Business Journal's 40 Under 40
  • July 2013 In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, BDT begins work in providing navigator support to uninsured Marylanders to enroll in healthcare through the state-based exchange