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You may qualify for valuable benefits!

  • Do you reside in Philadelphia?
  • Are you 60 or older?
  • Is your household income less than $40,000 per year?
  • Call TODAY to receive benefits assistance from an expert right here in Philadelphia!
You may qualify for:
  • PACE / PACENET (PA Prescription Assistance Program)
  • Property Tax / Rent Rebate
  • Medicare Extra Help
  • LIHEAP (Heating Assistance)
  • SNAP / Food Stamps

Pa-benefits-center.logo 1-866-273-0598 get help with food, shelter, and prescription costs

You may qualify for help paying for groceries through SNAP! With SNAP you will get:

  • Help paying for your groceries
  • An average of $264 per month
  • It is FREE to sign up!

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Ny-benefits-center.logo 1-800-829-7005
Co-benefits-center.logo 1-855-871-2696
Sc-benefits-center.logo 1-855-871-2697
Pace-application-center.logo 1-866-712-2060 get help with prescription costs

You may qualify for the PACE/PACENET program! With PACE / PACENET you will get:

  • To keep your current prescription coverage
  • Coverage during Medicare Part D deductible and “donut hole” phases
  • Lower Co-Pays – you pay the lowest co-pay available to you
  • Most prescription drugs covered
  • Best of all it is FREE to sign up!
Who is eligible?
  • Pennsylvanians who are age 65 or older
  • Single applicants with a yearly income under $23,500
  • Married applicants with a yearly income under $31,500

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