Contracts Manager

BDT employee

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"BDT is growing and is structured like a for-profit corporation, but working for a social justice mission. I like to know that work that I’m doing has meaning and isn’t just contributing to a bottom line."


B.A. from Antioch College, Political Science
JD, MBA, LLM in intercultural human rights, St. Thomas University

Best advice ever received:

A life well lived is the best revenge

Favorite movie:


My family:

My adorable dog Sullivan and cat, Bailey

Greatest personal achievement:

Pulling off three professional degrees simultaneously, while working part-time, serving on the executive board for three organizations, volunteering, and forming a record label which released an album on all major music platforms.

Passionate about:

Personal finance, learning, budgeting, financial planning, and all of my nieces and nephews.

If I had chosen another career, I would have been…:

An astronaut or a scientist

Favorite book:

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke