Our Mission

Benefits Data Trust is a not-for-profit social change organization committed to transforming how individuals in need access public benefits and services.

Our Vision

Benefits Data Trust envisions a health and human services system that proactively connects individuals and families to all the supports they need to reach economic stability. When services are well coordinated across sectors people are healthier and more economically secure; the system is more efficient and cost-effective; and our communities are stronger.

Our Values

1) We create Solutions
We solve problems in a way that is efficient and effective. We overcome barriers to enrollment for clients, invest in staff development, and engage with partners to innovate.

2) We foster Diversity
Our culture of inclusivity and equity is built on respect for our clients and their dignity, our staff and their experiences, and the communities we serve.

3) We take Ownership
By recognizing both our strengths and areas for improvement, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and each other in order to deliver the best service to clients.

4) We are Relentless
Our commitment to our clients, mission and approach is unwavering. We tirelessly help our clients from start to finish, support one another to perform at our best, and push for policy that creates meaningful change.

5) We Communicate Openly
We promote a straight-forward, transparent exchange of information and ideas to build trust with clients and collaborate internally as well as with partners.

6) We practice Empathy
We challenge ourselves to view every interaction from all perspectives—for our clients and their daily struggles, our relationships as staff, and organizationally as we grow.

7) We choose Quality
To achieve our shared vision, clients, staff, and partners should receive superior service, professional support, and high levels of engagement.