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Cloud Architect

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"Every day, I get to use my skills to help other people in a tangible way."


Morehouse College, BA, English

My Family

I have a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter. They are my inspiration.

Passionate About

Urban design, urban planning, and urban development. And all things Philadelphia.

Best Advice ever received

Be prepared.

Volunteer Work

I’m very involved in my church.

Past Employment

Self-employed, and the University of Pennsylvania

If I Had Chosen Another Career, I Would Have Been…

A city planner or an architect

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Changing careers from journalism to IT.

Favorite Part of Your Job

Solving interesting problems.

Favorite Travel Destination

Montreal, Canada

Make and Model of Your First Car

Ford Explorer

Key to Success

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Can’t go a day without

Reading the New York Times

Favorite Book

The Old-House Journal Guide to Restoration

Favorite Movie

All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford.

Favorite Food

Pasta Carbonara. (Really, any type of pasta).


Home improvement, gardening, and exploring Philadelphia on foot.

Fun Fact about me

I’m from Cleveland!